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Launching a brand can be a daunting process for organisations of any size. Brand perception is very important and assuming you already understand your market and competitors, here are a few tips on getting your communications right from the outset. Conflicting messages create confusion, obviously, so it is essential to define the key messages and ensure they are understood by your board, committee, staff, volunteers and anyone else who represents or promotes your brand. Without knowing what it is you want to say to people, or what they need to know about you, any communication activities are futile. A basic mistake is to talk about things that are important to you, but not relevant to your audiences. Therefore, it is ideal to have a set of core brand messages which apply to your entire audience as well as targeted messages that are more specific to each category.

Explain why it is happening:
- Repositioning or avoiding confusion in an overcrowded market
- Business growth, merger or restructuring
- Revitalisation of the organisation
- Entering new markets or economic landscape
- Modernisation of outdated identity

Use communications:
- Educate and involve all staff
- Inform all customers, stakeholders and brand ambassadors
- Use a press release, blog, newsletter and possibly a video
- Celebratory launch event, thank those responsible
- Enter new brand for any competitions

Tangible positive change:
- All external and internal communications
- Finalise core brand messages and update content
- Set timelines and ensure graphics are ready

Going live, with caution:
- Retain existing loyalty, whilst gaining new prospects and followers
- Major change must be informed by good knowledge
- Closely monitor all positive or negative feedback
- Avoid inviting any negative criticism on social media

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